The online casino coloring conundrum

invisible cat casino memeDid you know there is a brand new fine art genre that has positive attributes for online gamblers? A Japanese graphic designer has created mesmerizing optical art that can enhance the online casino real money gambling experience. Tokyo based Yanito Freminoshi has filled several blank canvasses with extraordinarily detailed maze art in the images of birds, animals, flowers, tools and machines. All are in black and white, are downloadable online and cleverly feature scannable QR-code based solutions integrated into each maze. The idea is for viewers to not only appreciate the intrinsic beauty free cable off the vcr child hood was awesome casino memeof each piece but to become actively involved in personalizing the art work. In addition to solving the maze, you are encouraged to color in the blank spaces, an activity that replicates the booming new trend; coloring for grown ups! But, what do these activities have to do with online casino real money gambling? According to those in the know, maze art provides a two-pronged approach to calmer, more reasoned and more analytical game play. Solving maze puzzles fully preps you to make snap decisions based on logic rather than fear. Completing coloring pages calms and centers the mind and polishes the fine motor skills, attributes that can only bode well when splashing out real money at an online or mobile casino. Furthermore, at the end of it all, you’ll be the proud owner of a genuine piece of art by an artist whose work is found in private collections, galleries and museums right across the globe!

Online Casino With your Cat and a Coloring Book?

casino cat smellz sumthinCat memes are so hot they’re melting the viewing hardware. Never before has a be-clawed creature enjoyed such prominence on online media, and the odds are the peculiar popularity of funny cat memes will never be replicated again in human history. The question is: why do these images of cats with cryptic, grammatically poor captions demand such attention? They are shaping pop culture, collectively number more than two million on the World Wide Web and are reputed to eclipse selfies as regards popularity. In short, images of funny, furry creatures pulling off all sorts of humanesque antics are more entrancing, viewable and downright appealing than the entire Kardashian family… multiple partners and warts and all! The premise behind the soaring status of kitty cat images is the affect they have on our brain chemistry. A flood of positive emotions and feelings are complemented by enhanced energy levels to create an overwhelmingly optimistic life view. Transfer this positivity to day to day activities, such as playing online casino real money games, and the probability of optimum results skyrockets. You’ll be better equipped to make calm, rational decisions in-play and have the self belief required for a major payday on the reels, little wheel or tables. It really all boils down to the adage of positive attracts positive. Open an online casino real money game in your browser saturated in positivity, tranquility and strength and you’ll be more inclined to make correct decisions that translate into more frequent payouts in crisp hard cash!


Many online online casino kiwi bannercasino articles begin with the false premise that online casino games like online pokies, for example, are relaxing. I disagree. Online casino games can be challenging, dynamic, colorful and fun but they are rarely relaxing unless you are playing a very slow moving game and you have not wagered any real money on the game. Once you have wagered money on an online casino game and you are playing one of the fast paced slots games or even many of the quick moving table games, the last thing I would say about the casino is that it is relaxing. casino cat is full of dramaIn fact, it is for this very reason that I started engaging in a relaxing ritual before signing in to my online casino real money account. My routine usually involves a meditative activity such as coloring in adult coloring pages and a slightly more stimulating activity such as completing a maze or two in a maze art book. I usually finish off this little ritual with some cat memes or one of the popular funny cats pictures that are circulating on the internet. As well as engaging in these activities to help prepare me and keep me relaxed for my real money online gaming session ahead, they also give me an opportunity to finish the never ending coloring for adults and grownups that my kids bought me for my birthday! As well as engaging in some calming activities, another way that you will make sure that I am ready for a session at the online casino real money is to make sure that I really understand the game rules and strategy for the game I am about to begin playing. I cannot count the amount of times I have heard friends complain that they have decided to start playing a table game at the casino without even knowing the basic rules of the game, and then they are usually surprised when the game is over so quickly. If you really want to prepare yourself for a gaming session at the online casino real money then before you engage in relaxation techniques, you should understand the rules of the games and how they payout, only then are you ready to start playing games for real money. If you have gotten this far then good for you! And as always this article, and games at the online casino are for entertainment purposes only, you will probably lose money when playing casino games online (although those few instances when you walk away with a payout are super sweet)


kiwi casino bird coloring for grown upsIf you are trying to decide whether the online casino is going to be an enjoyable activity for you then just answer the following questions. Do you enjoy having fun? What about making winning some money? Do you enjoy strategic planning or being entertained when you are bored? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions then you are going to love the online casino! The online casino real money is basically a site where you can play a huge variety of casino games for real money. If you have no experience playing casino games and have never spent any time playing on an online slot machine or enjoying a casual game of poker with friends, do not worry. All of the most recommended online casinos on the market today offer pretty comprehensive instructions for every casino game offered on their site. Once you get the hang of the slots games you will notice that they all pretty much work the same way. casino kiwi bird artThe main difference between the games is the number of reels or paylines in the game and whether the games have additional bonus games or not. The table games are a little more detailed than the slots games and they sometimes require a degree of skill as well. Some of the table games such as roulette are games of luck and you will get the hang of the game pretty quickly. Now that I have persuaded you that the online casino is pretty awesome, it is time to get playing. First off, before you even start a game make sure that you are playing at a casino that has been recommended by a friend and is known as being both reputable and trustworthy and has a really wide ranging variety of games to choose from. Next, open up your banking account at the casino, make a deposit and collect your welcome bonus, you are now ready to begin to play. casino childhood was awesome 100 grandIf I can just share one more piece of advice then it would be too make sure you are in the right mindset before you begin each gaming session. For me, the right mindset means being equal parts relaxed and sharp witted. My personal recipe for achieving this optimal combination of preparation is by engaging in one of my favorite mind training activities, these are checking out some great cat memes, completing a really challenging maze in my maze art book and using some sharply colored pencils to create a beautiful new piece of art in one of my coloring for adults books. I have found that laughing at funny cats, letting my mind wander whilst filling in adult coloring pages and enjoying a challenging maze are the perfect way for me to gear myself up for a gaming session. If you are not a fan of coloring for grownups and consider yourself a dog person, then find out what pumps you up and puts you in the best mental mindset before you take on your online casino session. As always, this information is for entertainment purposes and the online casino real money can often be bad for your wallet.

Casino Kiwi Maze Solution

kiwi casino maze solved kiwi maze solved